How can I access your customer support services?
We appreciate your feedback and are here to help you with any issues you may have. You can contact us through email, online chat or ticket and via WhatsApp. Our customer support team is professional and competent and will respond to you as soon as possible.
Minimum withdrawal?
The minimum amount you can withdraw is $20. Any withdrawal less than $100 would be rejected.
Should I take into account any charges or fees when I withdraw funds?
The company does not charge any fees or charges for the withdrawal of funds. All you need to do is to keep in mind the actual exchange rate that will be used to convert your invested amount and the fees that electronic payment systems may charge to facilitate transactions. Do your top up when needed as instructed in the terms.
Is it possible to cancel my deposit before it is fully processed?
In case of early deposit closure, We can take 90% of the deposit amount.
Is it permissible for me to feature the company on my blog or keep track of its activities?
Yes, You can put the company on your blog or monitoring.
Could you provide information on the level of trading experience possessed by your traders?/h6>
Our primary focus is on trading as we are a corporation that specializes in this field. Our traders possess a wealth of experience in working with some of the world's largest trading platforms, which has contributed to their success.
What are the electronic payment systems that can be utilized for the investment process?
Investments can be made through the following electronic payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB and USDT.
What are some ways to generate income by inviting partners to join the company?
To start inviting partners, Create an account here, Share link with your friends and generate traffic to our website, you will get a 15% referral commision upon your downline's first deposit.
Can I be sure that my funds are safe?
Our organization has established a dedicated department that manages risk distribution and carefully evaluates insurance options from various regions across the globe.
Which stock exchanges does Tnx-investment conduct trades on?
Our specialists trade in the following markets: New York Stock Exchange, National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation, Japan Exchange Group, Euronext, Shanghai Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
Does the company operate legally?
The company is registered in Australia and has a registration certificate.
What does Company do?
The company conducts collective financial transactions. The main functions of the company are diversification of financial operations and management of the financial portfolio which includes securities of different issuers and other types of stock instruments. By the situation, these financial intermediaries buy and sell securities by redistributing capital to promising industries and companies.
Can I transfer funds from one personal account to another?
You must have upto $10,000 deposit history..
On what days do I make a profit at Tnx-investment?
Profits are accrued everyday as long as you have an open position.
How long does it take to withdraw funds?

Withdrawal requests from the company's clients are processed by the financial department in manual mode, after a thorough check. The maximum processing time for a request is 24 hours.

Can I create several personal accounts?
You cannot register more than one active accounts. If you have not used an already registered account to create a partnership structure,
you can subscribe to it again and use it for your investment or create a new partnership structure.
How do I create a personal account on your website?
You can create an account by clicking the “Sign up” button. Click it and follow the instructions of our system regarding your next steps to register your personal account.
How can a company generate such a high profit for investors?
By applying diversification, advanced technologies based on an own developed base can maintain profitability at the highest level.
Is Tnx-investment a financial pyramid?
Not. Since we carry out actual activities and fully meet the standards of a business entity.
Can I use the company as an exchanger?
We reserve the right to withhold up to 12% of the transfer amount for using the company as an exchange resource.
Do I need to specify my payment details when registering an account?
You may fill them out after you have created an account. However, when making withdrawal, you will still be required to submit your preferred account/wallet for withdrawal.
Can I delete my personal profile?
By registering a personal account, you agree to and accept our Terms of Use. Here you agree that you cannot delete your personal account. Thus, by registering your personal account, you agree to waive any rights to delete it.
If I want to create a group, channel or chat on social networks, what do I need to do?
You need to contact us in advance and inform us about this action. 

The most important rule of the group, channel or chat room must be kept private and you personally monitor all the activities. 
This is done for the comfort and safety of our partners. 
If these actions are violated, we will block your account until you comply with these conditions.
For how long is Tnx-investment planned to be operating?
Tnx-investment Investment has been in existence since 2017. 
and you’ll understand that you can always make money with us.
May I use different payment systems for replenishment?
You may use any payment system the company works with to replenish your balance.
How many financial packages can I open at the same time?
At Tnx-investment, you can open an unlimited number of financial packages simultaneously.
Why are we the leader in the financial markets?
Tnx-investment has extensive experience in the stock, futures and foreign exchange markets. We take emotional responsibility for every aspect of our work, we highly value subject expertise and an insatiable appetite for learning. Besides, we are the only company where you will be able to use a continuous accrual system that is fully automated.
Do I have to pay income tax?
You do not have to pay income tax, the tax is paid by the company for all customers at the end of each quarter. At the end of the year, you can request reports and receipts if you need them.
Can the company offer its services outside of United States?
Yes. TNX is an international company offering its services all over the world via its website: www.tnx-investment.com. Consequently, Tnx-investment means unlimited online investments without any geographical boundaries.
How long has Tnx-investment been operating?
Tnx-investment was first registered in 2017. Since then, the company has been working with private investors
In 2017, the company launched the www.tnx-investment.com trading platform.
Can I change my up liner?
You cannot change your superior partner.
How many partners can I invite to the company?
You can invite an unlimited number of partners. The more you invite, the faster your partnership status grows, thus you get more profit per partner, depending on your status.
At what time does profit accrue?
The profit accrual takes place at the exact time the deposit was made. Greenwich Mean Time.
Where can I get my referral link?
You can get your referral link in your personal profile and at the sidebar.
What is an active personal account?
Every registered customer has the right to create more than one account using the same computer or IP address. However, all existing accounts should not be linked through a single referral link or used to create a single partner structure. Otherwise, the operation of such personal accounts will be stopped to further investigate all the circumstances that led to their creation and purpose. An “Active personal account” is an account that has been created without a direct link to any other user account.
Does the company use its funds in the investment process?
Yes. About 50% of working capital is provided by one of our highly specialized funds.
Is the company's activity legal?
Absolutely. We fully meet all the US law obligations regarding compliance with commercial deals and tax payment.
Can Tnx-investment be classified as HYIP?
Only in terms of the amount of profit our clients receive, nothing more. Any other resemblance is unacceptable for our team.


Investing in Tnx-investment can yield profits through deposits and successful trading of our robots. Additionally, meeting specific requirements for structure turnover and personal deposit can result in receiving a licensed copy of our trading robot. Further information can be accessed through the investor's personal account.


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